Friday, December 26, 2008



Christmas Eve, we had our friends, the Lundell Family and Bro. Avent over. Christmas dinner was ham, much to Jason's dismay--the turkey will have to wait till New Year's Eve. Then, "The Program" began.


"I know, right?!?!"


"FA-LA-LA-LA-LA" ???

Christopher's got the Bling-Bling going on.


"RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER" got run over by a bunch of kids

What Christmas Eve would be complete without the playing of the chimes?

Reading the Christmas Story

You can open just 1 present on Christmas Eve

Okay, so Jason had this idea to switch up the kids' presents for Christmas Eve. Jaden unwrapped some green flannel pants and a pretty shirt with a heart full of pastel mini hearts. Jaina got 2 shirts, definitely not her size or colors, and Cameron got some very pretty turquoise pajama bottoms and some red ones.

Well, Jaden started to cry as we laughed and helped them figure out who got what. It didn't help. With tears in his eyes and a sniffle when he talked, Jaden had to explain (while being cuddled) how wrong it was to mess with a little kid's presents. We still thought it was hilarious. Poor Bubba!



Jaden got some "stupid old underwear"



Let's make martians....then we get to dissect them. Cool!

Is that a tear in your eye?


"It's a Garden of Eden Apron!"

(from my mom, not what she intended)



Trying out the new scooters and skateboard.

Did I mention it was almost 70 degrees Christmas Day?

Building the skateboard....

Go Cameron!

Woo-hoo, Daddy!



As you know, we have 2 Cub Scouts in our family: Cameron & Jaden + a Boy Scout Leader, Daddy Jason.

Here are some pics of their exploits this past year.

Scout Brothers!

Jaden earned his BobCat Badge

Jason arranged for Jaden's Tiger Cub Den to go to a basketball game at San Lee Middle School.

Better make that 1 Cub Scout, Cameron formally crossed over from Cubs to Boy Scouts this month.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Miss Sassafrass (aka "Jaina")'s Dance Weekend

So, I decided that it was time that I did some writing on this blog, lest anyone think this is all just Jason's doing.

Nov. 7-8th, Jaina went to the Carolina Dance Masters Convention in Greensboro, NC with her dance team, "The Mini's" from Dancers Workshop here in Sanford. Mommy Mindy was her chaperone, it was a 3-day thingy, we just did Friday & Saturday, though (no dancing on Sundays for Jaina, much to her director's frustration, but this IS her 4th year there, and they don't seem to mind). We stayed overnight at the Sheraton's Four Season's hotel in Greensboro, very fancy and bigger than any hotel I have ever stayed in. Jaina and friends got plenty of time in the indoor pool and got to "eat out" in the hotel restaurants and lots of giggly-girl time with each other. They managed to squeeze in there dance classes and performances. :)

The girls had a pageant to attend Friday night and a Banquet Saturday night, they were to be in formal dress, so Jaina got to get dressed up like never before and they giggles some more and had fun. Did I mention that parents were not allowed at the Banquet? Just the girls, their instructors, etc. So, we took a lot of pictures and sent my little girl off to have a "Cinderella Evening" with her friends.

She really had a great time and afterward, they all partied in our hotel room until the "hotel police" came and scared the girls quiet. We were only blasting her "High School Musical" CD and jumping on the beds. etc. There really should not be a quiet hour in a hotel hosting a bunch of girls for 4 days. Oh well.

It was a fun busy weekend. While we were gone, Jason and the boys went out and bought Daddy a gun. Hmm.