Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bubba's Birthday

Jaden got to share his birthday this year, with Uncle BJ's Graduation.

So, we went to Graduation at Campbell University
(most boring graduation ceremony Jason or I have EVER been to, sorry Dr. Beege, its the truth).
When it was over, Jaden chose Golden Corral for his Family Birthday Dinner.
Check out the size of that steak on his plate!

Then, it was home for presents...

Bakugan Brawl & a fishing pole (no picture)

Dart Tag!

Which they immediately began to play...

Jaden's wish was granted....a Nintendo DS of his very own!

Plus, the hottest Pokemon game out there, Pokemon Platinum. (Jaina & Cameron's response...)

Then it was time for cake (Daddy's creation!) & ice-cream

Sponge Bob was having a rough day

Happy Birthday Jaden-Boy!