Sunday, June 13, 2010

All she wants to do is Dance! Dance! Dance!

From her first solo competition "Wave Bye-Bye"...
Jaina won Gold in both competitions, making her the
2010 Tap Dance Novice Division Nationals Champion!!!

to Lagoon National Championship Competition
(her group took 1st place at Nationals for all 4 of their dances)
("Destiny's Path")
("Till the Dawn")

("Rhapsody on Paganini" aka--love theme from "Somewhere in Time")

("She's a Pirate of the Black Pearl")

to recital

("Rhapsody on Paganini" aka--love theme from "Somewhere in Time")

(Destiny's Path")

("She's a Pirate of the Black Pearl"---stabbing Ms. Barbera after the show)

Jaina had a blast this year dancing!

8 is Great!

This Spring has kept our family hopping with birthdays, dance competitions and recital, soccer and a baptism. Several Spring posts will follow, trying to blog all the big events in our family.

To begin, this May, Jaden turned 8! A huge milestone and exciting for him and the rest of us. Jaden wanted his party at the Recreation Center. So, he invited his buddies and we all went to the pool for awhile then back to our place for cake, ice-cream and presents.

Better than the party and swimming, Jaden was able to be baptized this May. We were able to schedule his baptism for when family members could come. So, on May 22, 2010, with the Saari, Hatt and Meyers families present (minus a few significants--Ryan's family and Julie's family, the 1st in our family without the Edwardses-sniff-sniff!!) Jaden was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Here are some of my fave pictures from that special day: