Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Birthday Fun!!

MAY 2010

Daddy had a Happy Birthday!

He wished for Fish...

Nay Nay turns 10!!!!

Silly Jaina and her crazy boys...
What's a girl to do?
Jaina invited a bunch of friends to play at the Rec Center...
Then back to our house for more fun...
Bubble wrap, aka, "poppies" were the group's fave gift!
Although, the Crazy Sock Exchange was also a lot of fun, too...
Sleepover cake for a Sleepover Party
I think Jaina had Happy Birthday!

Happy Easter!!!

APRIL 2010
Okay, so I know its a little late to be posting these, but hey, it happened!!
Happy Easter from the Saari's!!!

A Day at Lagoon!

The National's Dance Competition is hosted every year at Lagoon, the one and only big amusement park in Utah. The whole family got to go with admission price at half off, when else do you get a deal like that? Grama Helen and Grama Deb came down from Montana, and Grandma Jan and Grandpa Mark came with us. It was a super fun day!

What's Underneath Floor # 2?

April 2010

Over Spring Break, they came in a tore up the rest of the floor (kitchen, eating area, hall and entryway) down to the sub-floor in preparation for installing the tile we decided on.

Sorry, no pics of the destruction, but MAN-O-MAN!!! Did it stink to high heaven!!!

Worse than before! We opened all the windows (even with snow & hail coming down outside), I lit all the candles I had and Jaina ran around the house with her "No Boys Allowed in My Room Air Freshener". It masked the odor a little bit.

We suffered through the stench all through General Conference and the rest of Spring Break. On Monday, they began the actual installation of the tile flooring. Try walking around your house without being able to walk on the floor in the kitchen or in front of the stairs to the basement to Cameron's room & the laundry room--not an easy feat.