Saturday, September 15, 2012

Uintah Marching Band

With school starting and the football season now in full swing, Jaina and Cameron don't have any more Marching Band performances. So, here are some pictures of their favorites hits!


A Sunday Stroll

We had Stake Conference this week. so it left us with more free-time after church than we were used to. So, to attempt to eliminate/avoid sibling quaffling and quarrels,
we went up the canyon to walk the trail at Steineker Reservoir.
Having complained that I "never take any pictures of me" by Jaina,
the following are some of her "modeling" for me on the hike.
This is Jaina shaking the boardwalk back & forth...

Yeah, she was done modeling
The boys were not nearly so contrary :)

Jaden was looking for frogs (there weren't any)

and Cameron was just, well, just Cameron...

Don't forget Rosie!!
Good ol' Rosie! Always comes running when I call.