Thursday, August 30, 2012

Go Utes!

Cameron decided at the end of school last year that he was going to go out for football. Surprising us all, he went to every day of summer conditioning and training and is now on the starting lineup for the Freshman Uintah utes football team. Go figure, huh?

He's # 72

He has had 2 games so far: Red vs White scrimmage (pre-season opener)

(look far left)

and then their first "real" game against Green River, WY. Uintah won 33 - 13!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cameron's Tae Kwon Do stuff

Cameron's Tae Kwon Do class did a demonstration at the Vernal Farmer's Market this past Saturday. Here he is demonstrating a form that he is preparing to test on next month.
The form is called "Joon-gan"
The class then demonstrated some sparring. Each child paired up with a partner and they took turns taking each other down. I think the kids really enjoyed this part :)


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to School Once Again

It's Back to School Time and once again, I am attempting to update our blog.
With Jason currently living in Wendover and the rest of us are in Vernal, I figured this would help us stay connected.

As is becoming the norm, I was only able to get group pictures of the kids on their first day of school at home. Cameron let me take a solo shot:

and I was able to get a brothers shot,

but no pictures of Jaina, (sniff-sniff) she won't let me!

Cameron is in 9th grade this year, but remember, Vernal is "different" and their 9th graders are at the Jr. High, not the High School. So, even though he is a FRESHMAN, he isn't there. Weird, huh? He is taking Tae Kwon Do, playing football, in the marching band and planning on the fall play as well. We will see how he balances it all.

Jaina is in 7th grade at the Middle School, and while it has been an adjustment for her to be at that school without her Daddy, she likes her classes and so far so good. She is considering trying out the french horn....(Correction: Jaina just informed me, "No, I AM going to play the french horn") We shall see. Her dance studio is temporarily closed, so we have had many drama-issues as she goes through dance withdrawal and trying to find a new teacher. Nobody is Ms. Barbera, and "I hate change!"

Jaden is in the 5th grade and it is his last year at Discovery Elementary. He has been assigned to what many say is the strictest teacher in the school. But if you ask him, "she's alright" and "I like her". Explore it a little more and you discover he's has had her for centers last year and already thinks he is "a sweet, smart boy". Boy does he have her fooled (just kidding!!!) Jaden's still swimming for the Vernal Vipers and Fall season starts after Labor Day.

So, the kids keep me busy, which is good, because I miss work a lot and not having Jason around is a big adjustment for all of us. We are doing good and ready to see what comes next...