Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cameron's 1st Karate Tournament

He took 3rd Place in his division. Not bad for a first-timer!!!!

So, my blogs are all out of order, but at least we're updating them!

You Better Watch Out! You Better Not Cry!

 Momma's gonna sit on Santa's lap!

So Santa Claus came and visited our neighborhood retirement center. Jason and Cameron were off hunting so the J's and I went to see Santa. Jaina and Jaden were resistant to sitting on his lap! I couldn't BELIEVE they didn't want to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, so I had to set a good example....i went first.
 Jaina and Jaden had me plug my ears so that I couldn't hear what they told Santa.
Oh well, Momma has her ways......

Cameron had his annual Christmas Band Concert at the Middle School
What Cameron neglected to tell us was that he was performing in an ensemble....
and they were actually quite good.

Fall Leaves, Fall! Gently to the Ground!