Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Fun Size Band" Fall Preview

Cameron is still playing the sousaphone, or "booba" as I like to call it. 
Saturday night was the Uintah High School Marching Band Fall Preview show.
The band director has opted this year to include his Jr. High band students in the marching band.
They get their own segment of the half-time show with their own choreography (if that's what you call it for bandos) and even a flag corp! They call them:
The Vernal "Fun Size Band"

watch for Cameron...he's the one with the sousaphone...
 it's big and white.....wait for it...the tuba is coming.......

wait for it......

there he is!!!
talk about a Mommy-Moment! (sniff-sniff!)

Who designed this football field, anyway?
Setting up the bleachers to look straight into the sun as it sets? Genius!

I will have you know that I was NOT the loudest mom in the stands.
Some crazy woman behind me kept yelling, "Yeah! Fun Size Band!" No, I did not turn around and look to see who it was. Cam doesn't understand why not.

The End

Uintah High football doesn't have a good schedule this year. They only have 2 home games, and they lost their first one, 37-0. First game of the season. Bummer.
Anyway, the Fun Size Band only has 1 performance left, they will play at the away game in Ephraim,
held at Snow College, Friday, Sept. 2nd. So, if you want to go to Ephraim, you can catch Cameron, his booba and his adoring fans (us) at Snow College. (time TBA)

Back to School!

1st day of school was Wednesday, Aug. 24th.
This year, I have 3 kids at 3 different schools: Cameron at the Jr. High, Jaina at the middle school and Jaden at elementary. So, being the picture taking momma that I am, I made the kids pose for their annual back to school pictures.
Here is Cam's "smolder"....
Cameron: "Hey!" (sniff!) I am so proud of my 8th grader...

Here's Sissy, soooooOOOoooo ready for 6th grade and the middle school with Daddy!

"I'm SO not related to that guy back there..."
"Mom! Make him go away!"

Now, Jaden, aka "Bubba" is the only child that still willingly lets me go into the school and classroom with him the first day to take pictures. Cam and Jaina? I drop them off and drive away. (sniff-sniff)

So, off we went to Discovery Elementary School, still undergoing renovations, to find the 4th grade hall.
Here's Jaden walking around the classroom, choosing the perfect desk....

Found it!

"Where is that pencil???"

"I know I put it in here somewhere!!!"

Aaahhh, the joys of the first day of school! Mom gets up early and packs some lunches and helps find lost items. I always double check all the bookbags to make sure they have appropriate items in them and nothing important is missing. I only had to confiscate 1 GameBoy this morning. 2 guesses whose it was...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cameron's 1st Karate Tournament

He took 3rd Place in his division. Not bad for a first-timer!!!!

So, my blogs are all out of order, but at least we're updating them!

You Better Watch Out! You Better Not Cry!

 Momma's gonna sit on Santa's lap!

So Santa Claus came and visited our neighborhood retirement center. Jason and Cameron were off hunting so the J's and I went to see Santa. Jaina and Jaden were resistant to sitting on his lap! I couldn't BELIEVE they didn't want to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas, so I had to set a good example....i went first.
 Jaina and Jaden had me plug my ears so that I couldn't hear what they told Santa.
Oh well, Momma has her ways......

Cameron had his annual Christmas Band Concert at the Middle School
What Cameron neglected to tell us was that he was performing in an ensemble....
and they were actually quite good.

Fall Leaves, Fall! Gently to the Ground!