Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vikings Flag Football--Fall 2009

...and Jaden's got the ball!...
Confident player at the end of the season

Mighty Men!
(Daddy Jason was Asst. Coach)

Block 'em!

Go get him! Run, Jaden, Run!!!

He got tackled...


No, Jaden is not frowning, he is just being very serious....that is what football players do.

For all his complaints, Jaden enjoyed his first season of football. The other day, as we were driving by his practice field, he told me, "I sure do miss those guys."
"Who?" I asked, " Your football team?"
"Yeah, I had fun playing football, can't wait till next season!"

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Anybody else remember these songs?

Jason and I showed this to the kids, and we have been laughing ever since!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall update

Fall is here!!! With fall coming we are going to experience some changes. All the kids are wrapping sports. Cameron finishes fencing next week with a tournament. He finished swim lessons this week and is moving on to level 4. He talks about how easy swimming is now, and has really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I think fencing will end because of a lack of sign ups. That does not include Cam though because he has loved it!!!

Jaina will finish tennis next week with a tournament. She has done well and enjoyed it. She is going to move up in dance this week because she's at a higher level than the group she's currently in. She's excited about that because I think she knows some of the students in the class above her from school/church.

Jaden finished football with a bang! He scored a touchdown on the 2nd to last game. I wasn't able to be there for it... Only one of two games I missed. Mindy said he was playing Running-Back took the hand-off to the right, and ran unnoticed around the right corner for 10 yards for a touchdown. This helped change his outlook on football. Previous to the last game he stated he hated football before each practice, and at least once during each game. However, he had a great coach who didn't focus on winning, and every child got to play every position every game. There wasn't a child who didn't enjoy playing the game because of his commitment to helping them all succeed! If all recreation coaches could be like this, many more kids would probably enjoy and stay with sports.

Mindy is currently still able to stay home! She is loving it, and especially enjoys working out each morning after dropping the kids off at school. She runs a couple of miles/day, and at times bikes or lift weights when she gets tired of running on the tread mill. She bought some new running shoes that has helped her experience be more positive. She says she feels like she's running on air:) Previous to the new shoes she was having trouble with her toes falling asleep and knees hurting. I haven't heard any complaints since then...